GrandDawn’s log; Day 34:

Dear Nathalie,

Your grandfather and I had the privilege of your presence for several hours yesterday.  My how you have changed in a week!

We picked you up right before a scheduled feeding time and you were perfectly content when we whisked you away…for about 3 minutes. So, since we were in a vehicle and I could not reach you I thought I might distract you with some music. My first music choice was a CD of worship songs…you were not interested AT ALL.  So after a few minutes, I switched it over to my P!NK CD…The Truth About Love.  The uncensored version. That CD is a highly inappropriate CD choice for a young child who can understand and repeat words. It is a good thing that group of people does not include you yet as there are phrases that I do NOT want to hear coming from your mouth anytime soon. However, almost immediately you settled down.  I will have to purchase the censored version of this CD if I am to bring you into the fold as a fan of P!NK.

Seems like you may have taken that mental leap that I mentioned last time.  You seem less flaily, I know that is not a word but I will use it anyway, and less fussy.  You eat more in one feeding… almost double now. Changing you is much easier…again because you are less flaily. You seem to enjoy using my arm as a body pillow while laying on my lap… your grandfather thinks that is the cutest thing and is amazed at all of the ways that I hold you. The best thing of all, though:  you seem to be able to see better!  You are following people with your eyes and by golly, I think you were even watching television when we lay you on the floor to just stare at you after we fed you.  Yes, that is what we do when you are here and we aren’t actually holding you… we stare at the mighty wonder that is you.

Aunt Pixie came home and could not resist scooping you up and bogarting you for the remainder of your visit…you did not mind at all and it did make for an adorable photo op.Nathalie day 34COLLAGE

Congratulations on a successful leap!

Rock on tiny P!NK fan!

Love, GrandDawn


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