Help Paige help her school

I hate school fundraisers. Yep, I said it…well, typed it.

Why do I hate them?
Probably because I hate being put in a sales position and they make me feel like I am trying to be a salesman. That being said, I think this one is kinda cool. I can give you this link:

….and you can go to the store and order a magazine subscription ( there are over 750 titles to choose from) or RENEW AN EXISTING ONE and Paige and her school recieve credit. How cool and easy is that?

No money is collected by me or my kid. Customers will be billed by mail.

Looks like the deadline is November 14th. Remember, for those of us who like magazines…they make good Christmas gifts!

Paige attends LaSalle Academy in South Bend. Trust me, South Bend schools need these fundraisers “for a variety of educational needs”

(and posting this did not make me feel like I was trying to sell you anything… even if in fact I am)

2008 Adopt A GCC Family

I know people get sick of me talking about the Adopt a Family program we have at our church, but I cannot help being excited about it.

Just a few days ago I asked our communications team to post the serving opportunity to Host a family on our volunteer page and already, I have local organizations inquiring and signing up. How cool is that?

A God sighting for me today happened when a great lady sent me an email sharing that she is encouraging other people she knows to host a family and she wanted to know if there were any “singles” that were in need. Here is my response to her”

“Thank you so much for being an advocate for the program! I do not know if you noticed a change on the sign up form for hosts that asks if you would be willing to adopt a “grandparent” – I simply have people in need of all family status and as a matter of fact I have one woman who – though she is a grandparent – is not really elderly but her health issues keep her from working and she tries really hard. She asked if she would be able to apply to the program…of course I let her…God seems to take care of everyone who has applied to this program in the past, so why not her? That being said, I feel like your offer to help with any singles is a specific answer to her need. I gave her an application today and you contact me today…coincidence? I think not.”