GranDawn’s Log: Month 20

Dear Nathalie,

I stole this picture off of your Mummy’s Facebook page because…well LOOK AT YOU GUYS!!!  Super. Freaking. CUTE!FB_IMG_1519831038946.jpg

For the sake of history, just know that this was the month where we had over a foot of snow pummel us one weekend only to be followed up with warm weather and rain that created a flooding of our area never before seen in my lifetime.  I imagine that Google will still exist when you can read this and I encourage you to perform an internet search for “2018 Flood Michiana” and you will see some great photos and videos.  Lots of people suffered from flood damage to their homes and businesses…people had to be evacuated from some areas…and other people were kayaking in parking lots.  It’s been interesting.

Totally random, and also for the sake of history,IMG_1369.jpg

this month, your Mummy was able to get your hair in a ponytail!!  It barely lasted beyond a car ride, but it happened!!

Your grandfather is tickled that you are at his favorite age (truth be known…you are always his favorite age) because you act silly, knowing that you are acting silly and you are big enough for rough and tumble playing but still tiny and cute. Let it be known that Grandfather will always be rougher and tumbler and active than I will ever be…someday you will learn that I am clumsy and easily injured and for the sake of my own well being, and to save you from witnessing something like a Twister tragedy where someone spins and I say “Left leg, BROKEN!” I will leave the rough and tumble to your grandfather and try to take photos and videos along the way.

It feels like this is the month where more and more people are asking “What does she call you?”  When I tell them “Nothing” this is often followed by a noticeable pause in the conversation.  My persistence in referring to myself in long form (grandmother), as well as the fact that I refer to your father and grandfather in long form as well, may likely be the cause of the “Nothing.”  My hope is that one day, you will choose what you call me based on your own preferences.  However, I will not find GRANNY an acceptable moniker;  I won’t, I just won’t.

You still are not using your knowledge of language to communicate verbally.  You definitely UNDERSTAND the language, and you REALLY utilize the word “No” in context. Rumor has it that you say “Yes” and on one occasion when I knocked on a door, where you were standing on the other side, the noises that came from your mouth sounded a lot like “Who is it?”  You still point and do this crab-like hand gesturing at the things you want.  In order to encourage more word usage, I tend to give you things ADJACENT to what I know you want with the hope that you might use your language skills to correct me, but as it happens, you will accept a beautiful paperweight in place of a piece of candy just fine.  Getting the paperweight back was a bit of an effort.

This past weekend you got some face time with Aunt Pixie, we woke her up and of course, she was fine with waking up to your cuteness. I think you respond to her on video calls better than you do to me in person.  She can get you to mimic her in the most adorable ways.  During one moment of the call, I could not see her because I was showing you the phone and you were sitting across from me, you were just smiling and sticking out your tongue and I could not hear anything from Aunt Pixie’s end…basically, she was making faces at you and you were making them back at her…super cute.

I was blessed with another visit from you and Mummy (yes, I do not refer to her as Mother, because that is just creepy) at work this past week…Appropriately dressed in your unicorn poncho.


You visited a few open door spaces such as the office supply closet where you fell in love with a step stool and the heartbroken mini-fit you threw as we took you away from the beloved stool was evidence of the quick bond you formed with an inanimate object.  The next open door you entered was that of my friend Mrs. Jeannna…shame on her for having a Care Bear where you could see it…and once you were done with the Care Bear, you formed a serious bond with a Light Saber!  Mrs. Jeanna had to duck and dodge your rudimentary Jedi skills in order to survive, but the force was with her.FB_IMG_1519830454068.jpg

This is important…one day, my hope is that you will call me Yoda.  I even have a particular hooded robe that I wear quite often that is apropos to me having this particular moniker.  Perhaps subtle exposure to the Star Wars universe will encourage this.

I can hardly wait to see what next month will bring.  Anything is possible!

Keep working on your Jedi skills!

Love,  GranDawn (Yoda)