Happy Easter

I honestly, have nothing to post unless you want to hear about a Home Interiors party that I attended last night, or about my visit to the post office this morning. Really, nothing exciting the past 48 hours. I just wanted to share a good tiding to all:


Remembering the Cross —by Mykahl Thompson

Nothing special, just a post…

So, here I sit, “pen in hand” wondering what to share with the world? Why am I even here doing this? Because someone in another city (whom, I have never met) read my blog and took a moment to instant message me to ask me how I was doing after my surgery. Wow, how nice is that? No smarmy conversation, nothing illicit, just concern. (Although I did have to give him a little jab for being behind on reading my blog since that post is about a month or so old) What a nice change of pace. Thanks Jay.

Anyway, what shall I share with my fans today?


The art/decor/clutter on my desk at home actually includes some really strange stuff:

  • a beanie bunnie
  • a beanie dog (doberman of course)
  • a lopsided clay masterpiece by Paige
  • a real (dead) baby shark floating in blue water (my mother purchased in Florida as a gift for my husband, I try to hide it behind a speaker but I can still see it)
  • a package of C batteries with only 1 battery in it.
  • Lots of Bride magazines (tax write off)
  • coasters
  • a blue glass paperweight shaped and frosted to look like a globe
  • pictures of my kids (several years old – note to self, update pictures on desk)
  • lots of floppys – God only knows what’s on them
  • Losts of CDs music and data
  • A package of 9 volt batteries with only 1 battery in it
  • a bumper sticker that says “I know it all, I just can’t remember it all at once” which I bought to hang up at my last place of employment but was offered a better job before I could hang it up.
  • 3 different cameras
  • toys my niece Kimberlee left during her last visit
  • books by Janet Evanovich – I highly recommend her Stephanie Plumb bounty hunter series – very funny. (It is my latest guilty pleasure. A shout out to Kelly P. – soon to be Kelly T. for introducing me to that one.)
  • Bills – big surprise there
  • VanZant CD – highly recommend for rock and country lovers alike – songs are fun but deep. Good stuff!
  • A toothbrush (??????????) does not look like any of ours…Paige just informed me that it, too, belongs to Kimberlee.
  • phone book
  • State tax booklet…HOLY CRAP, we have not sent in our state taxes! (pause while I write a big @$$ note to Dave – it’s his job to take care of the taxes)
  • a vase
  • lotion
  • glue stick
  • checks
  • 3×5 card file that I can not recall what is in it
  • the game “Mind Trap”

That about covers it….I need a bigger a desk.

A shout out to Jeff Guy!

Hey Jeff! Great to know that you read my blog. For those of you who do not know him Jeff is the husband of my wonderful boss Kathy Guy. From what I hear he is a great spousal unit. Real handy in the kitchen…can make a mean taco salad and some killer pork chops. He is also rather skilled at directing traffic at Granger Community Church. Apparently, Jeff mentioned to Kathy that I am losing fans because of my recent neglect to my blog. So, for the record…I have been really busy. I have a couple of weddings that I am planning, plus I am helping with the Women’s retreat, that on top of my day job…I got a little sidetracked and have not been blogging. So to my fans…I apologize.

Unfortunately I can not think of anything exciting to blog about so I will share something that I just heard that I found amusing to think about: (For those of you sensitive to the subject of Nudity, you need to stop reading RIGHT NOW)

From the show “Family Feud” Survey of a hundred women. What sport would you watch ONLY if the players were naked? Well, my thoughts went to things like football but I watch ND and they are rarely if ever naked, then baseball…nope nudity would not make me watch it, but many ladies watch baseball. Actually many ladies watch sports. What sports do I NOT watch…Bowling, Fishing…but have you seen the men…I would not WANT to see them naked. I really don’t believe adding NUDITY to the sport would make me want to watch it. I actually believe that the NUDITY would deter me…I would cringe at the thought of those poor guys without their protective gear getting hit with something. What amused me were two of the answers that were on the board (there were a total of 8, Football was number 1 and baseball was number 2): Tennis was on the board (I tried picturing my spouse playing Tennis nude and had to giggle.) and then there was Polo…I did not know who to feel more sorry for the polo player or the horse. Then to add to the fact that Nudity was being discussed on a show that airs before the 6pm news…The next question they asked and forgive me for having my mind in the gutter but I have to say that it was truly poor judgement on the part of the people who produced and directed “FAMILY feud”…The next question was “Name something you do with ONLY one finger” …okay, yes, pick your nose was on the board…I did not wait around for number one, I came here to update my blog and get my mind out of the gutter…ahhhh blogging is so cleansing.