Ever wish for an eighth day?

I have, but then I thought…I would work through that one too.

I have been operating at mach speed since 2011 began.  Today, I have done NOTHING.

I am in a t-shirt and pajama pants and I have been in bed either catching up on shows that I enjoy (thank you internet people for Hulu) or reading….ah yes, blissful reading.  And nothing all educational or informative or growth inducing.  Fictional Smut.  Yes, the kind that you don’t need to think about.  Just a little world created by someone else in which I can escape to.  (A shout out to the girls in the Burg)

Unfortunately, at least ONCE today, I looked at my husband and told him that I felt like I was forgetting to do something.  We both came to the conclusion that because I have be idling high all year (and I know it is only March) that being in “park” feels wrong.  It might be akin to an addict just entering withdrawals.  Probably not, but ya’ll know what I am saying.

I feel like I should be doing something.

Sunday at 7:38pm and the most productive thing I have done today is floss.

Still, it should not be this way.  I should NOT feel like I should be doing something.

God rested on the seventh day.  Who am I to try to one up Him?