GranDawn’s Log: Month 21


Dear Nathalie,

If it weren’t for the fact that you managed to steal my phone, open the phone app, change the camera settings to Black&White AND snap this selfie…I would not have a photo of you for this past month.  Seriously, no other new photos of you on my phone.  I was surprised to see this one, I had no clue it existed…your mom has not texted me any either. I bet Grandfather has some… Whatevs

I swear you grew taller this month…I cannot prove that but you look taller.

You have revealed that you CAN use language.  You will repeat words if someone tells you to say them.

You DESPERATELY want to play outside more than the adults around you want to take you outside.  Perhaps we are wimps but we don’t like the biting cold and the weather that goes from blizzard to lovely spring day all in one week.  Some consistency would be nice INDIANA WEATHER!!! DO YOU HEAR US WEATHER???  DO YA?

Not much has really happened in your development from my perspective.  Really hoping you catch on to using utensils when you eat.  #GOALS

Nathalie adjacent happenings:  Mummy finally made it “Facebook official” that Daddy proposed to her LAST month.  The delay was getting the ring sized, letting her nails grow, getting a manicure…all the necessary things for a proper engagement ring photo, right?

Pssst…that (potentially) means you have flower girl duties in your future.  Not until next summerish.  That gives you time to grow out your hair, and lose some weight so that you will look good in photos…oh wait, that’s a note to self.  You’re perfect, ignore me.

I am going to admit this:  Without photos to look at, I am having a hard time remembering this past month in regards to YOU.  I recall what I did…but who wants to see my photos from seeing P!NK in concert, right?  (but for those who do….)


Poor photo quality aside…GREAT concert.  Oops, rabbit trail.

I wish I had more to share with you this month Nathalie, but I just don’t.  I will try to do better next time…or at least make a point of grabbing Grandfather’s phone before I write my post.

I love you, I can’t wait until you tire me with all of your babbling and wow me with your use of a fork and spoon.

Peace out Natty Bug!

Love, GranDawn