Clouded judgement

In a conversation regarding a conversation regarding a conversation, a wise counselor (person 1) spoke about how she pointed out that the person she was speaking to (person 2) did not hear or acknowledge the other persons (person 3) pain in a conversation that she (person 2) had with that person (person 3). It was a profound moment for me.

That person (person 2) had just shared the same conversation with me and I had agreed with her perspective…I did not feed it, but I felt that she had done a good job in handling the situation. I forgot that there were TWO people involved. TWO people that I cared about. TWO people that God loves and I was not thinking of that other person’s (person 3) pain either because I had not been in proximity to their pain.

I have been trying very hard to be neutral and available to both of these people because they are both my friend, but when it came down to it, because person 2 had been sharing more of her pain and struggle with me than person 3 (who has not contacted me in sometime other than to forward a silly text) my judgment had become clouded and I forgot how much he matters and rather than providing her (person 2) with a suggestion that would soften her heart and even segue toward forgiveness, I gave her kudos for recognizing her boundary issues.

Imagine my palm slapping my forehead.


I knew a girl

who was a pawn in the game of chess between her divorced parents

who defined herself by the labels that others apply
who saught solace in physical pain because emotional pain hurts too much

who cried alone because she believes tears are a sign of weakness

who was afraid of being a girl because she thinks that they are not strong
who was happy when her parents divorced because she thought the fighting would stop
who is confused because the people who are supposed to love and accept her unconditionally simply don’t seem to know what acceptance and unconditional mean.
who defines her sexuality out of fear but is afraid to admit that.
who seeks attention

who loves her little brothers and keeps herself a slave to her fathers tyranny
so that she can continue to be a part of their life.

who has no idea of the power she possess to control her own life
who wants out of the circle of chaos but feels trapped inside of it

who does not realize that this chaos is temporary

who is seeking a life in Christ but all of THIS keeps flying at her

I know a young woman who does not realize that she is no longer a little girl and that her life and future are hers to determine.

I know a young woman

who is smart

who is beautiful
who is strong

who loves

who is loved
who matters

who wants to be happy

Who matters to God and I hope that some day she realizes that her value and worth come from Him and that He decided that she was worth the cost of His son.

I know a young woman who is priceless

2008 Adopt A GCC Family

I know people get sick of me talking about the Adopt a Family program we have at our church, but I cannot help being excited about it.

Just a few days ago I asked our communications team to post the serving opportunity to Host a family on our volunteer page and already, I have local organizations inquiring and signing up. How cool is that?

A God sighting for me today happened when a great lady sent me an email sharing that she is encouraging other people she knows to host a family and she wanted to know if there were any “singles” that were in need. Here is my response to her”

“Thank you so much for being an advocate for the program! I do not know if you noticed a change on the sign up form for hosts that asks if you would be willing to adopt a “grandparent” – I simply have people in need of all family status and as a matter of fact I have one woman who – though she is a grandparent – is not really elderly but her health issues keep her from working and she tries really hard. She asked if she would be able to apply to the program…of course I let her…God seems to take care of everyone who has applied to this program in the past, so why not her? That being said, I feel like your offer to help with any singles is a specific answer to her need. I gave her an application today and you contact me today…coincidence? I think not.”