GranDawn’s Log: 1 year, 2 months

catnatnapDear Nathalie,

I DON’T EVEN know where to start!

You are quite the tiny person now… a toddler if you will.

You attended the Giles family reunion and ran all over the park in your socks because…well…when you can’t walk who needs shoes and shoes cost money and you did not mind and you were not injured.  You did leave cute little baby toddler footprints on the pavement after you walked through a water puddle.  footprints

You also attended some Pokemon Go Gym Raids… the highlight for you: being allowed to play with my Pokemon Go+. You were eventually able to capture your VERY FIRST POKEMON!!  It was a Natu.  Appropriate I think.  Your second capture was Oddish.  (Pokemon humor…but true)natu

After several outings where shoes might have been helpful, Mummy decided to get you some pretty cute kicks.  Ice blue, canvas mary janes with a bow.  Super cute and apparently you like them enough to take them to Mummy to have her put them on you.   You even stick your foot up to hasten the process!

The highlight for me this month, aside from having you as my Pokemongering sidekick, has been the day you visited me at work and we walked to the end of the building to visit Miss Katie and you FOUND YOUR WAY BACK TO MY OFFICE without out any guidance… you led Grandfather and I right back to where you started.  We are trying to reign in our claims of having a genius, possible future Mensa member grandchild but GIRL IT IS HARD.  You need to do some stupid things to bring us back to reality.  Oh wait, you still try to put sticks in your mouth…nevermind.  AND you still like playing with the cat toys. Reality found.

It has been a busy summer and I have not had enough quality time with you since my last letter.  But you are still as cute as ever and we are looking forward to each moment we have you in our presence.


We love you NattyGirl!

Keep Toddling!

Love, GranDawn

P.S.  I caught myself referring to MYSELF as Granny the last time you were with me. PLEASE don’t call me Granny.  I’ll accept Grammy (that’s like an award, right?). Granny is forbidden.