GrandDawn’s log: Day 28

Dear Nathalie,

Your dad had been out of town for some work related training and your mom had been caring for you on her own during days 20 through 26, with the exception of the evening of day 25 through the afternoon of day 26.  She opted for an overnight visit at our house.  Saturday morning, your mom slept until NOON!! But only because every time she heard you fuss, she would look over and see  your grandfather or me already on the task at hand.

The only thing that seems to be new was the color of your poo.  Apparently, your mother had never seen it that shade of green, or any shade of green for that matter.

You are a fussy, flailing baby.  Still.  You like the feel of water running on your head. You seemed to enjoy big swaying motions and spitting up on me.

You also seem to like your Aunt Breanna.  She really seems to like you as well. I saw the evidence on her phone… photos of nothing but you for DAYS. She is determined to stock your library. She bought you a book and special stationary for herself to write you little notes. She talks to you like you can follow everything she is saying and makes you do funny dances like the Whip/Nae Nae as well as the Macarena, which is the original whip/nae nae combo if you watch the motions in the beginning of the so-called choreography…whoa, rabbit trail.

You do not seem to have changed too much but the internet tells me that you are approaching your first “Mental Leap/Wonder Week”   which is week 5…however, it is based on your due date and not your birth date; perhaps next week or the week after. I might have to check out the book.  Again, this is something that I had never heard of when I gave birth.

Honestly, I don’t have a lot to report… other than the color change of your poo and that you – though fussy and flaily (is that a word?)  – have still captured our hearts.

Nathalie days 21-28

Rest up little one, give yourself and your parents a break to prepare for your big leap!



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