GrandDawn’s log; Day 40:

Dear Nathalie,

After 39 days you finally met my good friend Christa.  I know right?!?! WTFrank is up with the delay?!?!  Some day I will explain to you the Frank reference in “WTF”. However, there is a picture that shows you looking up at her with a WTF type of expression.

Anyway, this particular occasion seems to have spurred a weirdness in my dream life.  Last night I had a dream where Christa came to see you and then that weekend you began growing exponentially.  Mind you, Christa is pushing 6′ tall…

In my dream, you and your mother were staying overnight at our house.  Your mom put you to bed and the next morning you looked liked a little blonde almost one-year-old… throughout the weekend you became an olive skinned, brown eyed, brown haired nearly  4-year-old and the only clue to what age you appeared was when my friend Lori came over with her 4-year-old granddaughters and you were a bit taller than them.

Come Monday morning (still in my dream) your mother took you to the doctor and, after some testing, it was revealed that your growth was an indicator that YOUR FATHER HAD SOME RARE CANCER and that in your mother’s quick response to seeking a cause for your growth, you basically saved his life.

However, you did not stop growing and before I awoke you had turned into Joan Cusack.  I attribute this reference to the fact that I recently binge watched 4 seasons of Shameless.

Christa with Nathalie-COLLAGE

Welcome to the inner workings of my brain Tiny One, be happy you do not actually live there.

Enjoy the real world…where you are perfect size.

Love, GrandDawn

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