GranDawn’s Log: Month 19

Dear Nathalie,

First of all, let’s address the fact that this letter is ON TIME!!!  Yay me!  Now, on to you.  Let’s begin with some general photos of you in all your adorable glory – let it be known that the jammies on the left are from your Grandmother Christine and the jammies on the right (yes, you are wearing a hat and coat with them) are from GranDawn  (both were Christmas presents).  Your grandmothers have good taste in jammies.


I have actually spent quite a bit of time with you this month.  Perhaps even more than Grandfather now that he has not been able to see you on Fridays due to his new working schedule. Sad for Papa, but this might give me just the edge I need to begin rising in the ranks of your favorite person hierarchy… muuuuaaahhhahahahahahahah!

On one occasion I had you to myself an entire day.  This is where I learned that you may actually prefer NON-animated television.  You were at my house and the tv was on and we were playing on the floor… Well, I was sitting on the floor and your toys were all around me and you were playing with them and occasionally would babble nonsense words at me or come near me, not so much ENGAGE with me while playing… anyway, the tv was on and since you weren’t watching it – I thought I would put on something that would not cause me to have Barney or Teletubby flashbacks.  I put on a movie called Man On a Ledge… lots of people moving around and SIRENS constantly sounding in the background of this movie.  While you were playing you started replicating the sound.  WEEE OHHHH  WEEEE OHHHHHH WEEEEEE OHHHH – you were cracking yourself up.  Eventually, you came and snuggled me and took over my comfy chair and just sat for a good FIVE minutes watching this movie.  I do have a photo of that moment, but you look so “derpy” (as the millennials would say) that I thought I would save you from the public humiliation of posting it.  So, here are some cuter photos from that day:



Grandfather and I also had the opportunity to keep you while Mummy and Daddy were working on a Saturday…and captured your cuteness then as well:


Then you participated in cousin Hope’s baby shower…you were not really very social except with other kids.  Eventually, I followed you around the building where the shower was being held… you insisted upon exploring every room with an open door, and there were a lot of open doors.  Then, we heard the cry of another tiny person…just a little younger than you.  It was adorable to see you shyly approach her (she may be a baby but she was a stranger to you) and then pat her on the back – just three little pats while looking at her with your head cocked sideways…then off you went to run around and climb steps and chase balls with cousin Jordan.  I loved watching you walk/run around…you tend to throw your arms and shoulders back behind you when you do this…at least on this occasion… it was a cute little posture that I will never find the words to describe…so, here is a video:

Finally, Daddy had the opportunity to explore a new job opportunity that would give him more family time and he needed someone to watch you STAT…so I moved an appointment and told him BRING ME THE CHILD, and he brought you to visit with me at work.  This little impromptu visit gave GranDawn’s friend Mrs. Julie the opportunity to give you some socks and this ADORABLE OWL COAT that I hope you will keep FOREVER!


It also gave you the opportunity to explore MORE open doors… one of which belonged to Pastor Mark Beeson, and little did we know that he was in the middle of a meeting. For the record…Daddy got the job!  Yay!

So, this month, my Grandmother cup runneth over.  20180120_125155.jpg

Love you NattyBug!  (Why is it that this nickname stuck?)

Until next month tiny one…keep being you,