GrandDawn’s log, day 1:

Dear Nathalie,

It has been at this moment 32 minutes, and 4 hours since you entered this world.  All six pounds ten ounces and nineteen and a half inches of you!  I might be a hot mess.  Seeing your mom in that much pain and not being able to do A THING ABOUT IT is freaking HORRIBLE!  Don’t EVER do that again!

Your mom’s water broke at 7:50pm last night and she called your dad and about 10 minutes later sent me a text saying she thought her water broke…I did not get the text until AFTER she called me the next second.  The moment the phone rang, Grandpa Dave and I just KNEW she was calling to tell us she was in labor, but she didn’t… she just said that she thought her water broke and wanted me to contact her doctor to see if that was really what was happening… a cute one, your mother is.  I of course just said…in different words… nope, get to the hospital.  She was at work… now your mom has official bragging rights to say that she worked up until the moment she went into labor.  Anyway, to continue the story:  your grandfather and I rushed to her work, just a few blocks away, and your mom had your father meet us at the hospital.

So, there we were, your Mom,  your Dad, your Grandpa Dave, me (GrandDawn or Yoda – whichever you prefer), and your Aunt Pixie (aka… Breanna, she calls you Woodsprite).

For the record… I wanted to smack the guy that was checking her in at the hospital, he lacks customer service skills.  (End Rant)

Your mom was quite the trooper, she breathed through some major pain… Grandpa Dave had an urge to punch someone for lack of pain management for his daughter… I on the other had was cool as a cucumber – until on my way home this afternoon when I was talking to your great grandmother about seeing your mom in pain…that was when I let out my tears.  UGH!

I also must give props to your dad… he was very calm.  He was exactly what your mom needed, just that one hand to CRUSH when she was having pain.  Otherwise, she did not want ANYONE TOUCHING HER!

So little miss Nathalie Rhenae, welcome to the world.  May you find it a lovely place to be.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Yoda