GrandDawn’s log; Day 20:

Dear Nathalie,

I have seen you every day for the past three days!  After not having seen you from day 9 through 15 you are now looking like your dad.  Your tiny countenance is going to be changing so often we will have to start calling you Mystique. (I hope that by the time you can read this that you have learned about the X-Men). We have also learned that you enjoy the feel of terry cloth.

You stayed overnight on Friday, a.k.a. Day 18, and reminded us what it is like to have a newborn. Hoooo guurrrlll. There came a moment, around stupid o’clock in the morning, when you would NOT be consoled.  We just had to put you down and let you go for a bit.  Oddly enough, this was the moment that Cally (one of The Kitties Three) decided to put her little front paws on the edge of the pack and play and check on you…it was cute.  We knew you were a little “bound up” and there wasn’t anything we could do to help.  It was awful.  Finally somewhere between 2:30am and 5am (the hours we were allowed some sleep) you had a diaper explosion.  GrandDave cleaned you up while I worked on saving your clothing from staining… I won the battle!  Score one for me against the battle of the poo!

Saturday, Day 19, I can’t really recall the time anymore, we eventually all woke up. Although, I don’t know that I would call the remainder of that time “sleep.”  Ash (the eldest of The Kitties Three) is old and senile and cries… a lot.  On a normal night, Ash crying does not disturb my slumber, but that night… that night her crying was so similar to yours that I must have checked on you every 15 minutes.  Darn cat. Poor GrandDave had to deal with that PLUS my snoring.  I am not sure he even slept.  In my defense, I have to sleep with this new, flippin’, dental device and it often forces my jaw open…he was actually surprised that YOU slept being in the same room with MY noise.  We finally got around to our day and I gave you a bath; you were not so keen on the body cleansing part but you loved being wrapped in a towel while I sponge washed your hair…you reminded me of your mom.  She loved having me wash her hair in the sink, while she laid on the counter, well into her elementary school years…If she’d fit she would probably still want it done.  Once you were fed and clean and dressed and performed live for Facebook, you were very content to lay on the floor listening to music and slowly fell into a contented slumber and stayed that way until your Great Grandparents Lovitt came by…actually, you slept through that, it was when your parents came to get you that you really started waking up again.  Eventually, we sent you home…and took the rest of the day recovering.  If there was ever any doubt, I am so NOT in my twenties.

Sunday, Day 20,  your mom dropped your dad off at the airport around 10 something a.m. and popped in for a quick visit… and she did not bring supplies because it was supposed to be a quick drop and return home.  HAHAHAHAHA. Life with babies is so unpredictable.  Nothing happened but she had to scurry on home with you fussing because…well, you have bodily functions.  Later this day, I swooped you and your mom off to your cousin Colton’s (2nd cousin actually…wait…if Colton’s mom is your mom’s cousin and Colton is your mom’s 2nd cousin, that makes you???? Whatever, some kind of cousin) birthday party. He is a year old now.  Time flies. Colton tried to poke you.  His big sister Kenzie got to hold you…as did pretty much every other woman there… your cuteness is still powerful.

Day 20 collage

Tonight is your mom’s first night alone with you; your dad returns on Saturday… She knows we are here if she needs help.

Be good for mommy.

Love, GrandDawn



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