GrandDawn’s log; Day 16:

Dear Nathalie,

Day 16 was yesterday but I was too tired to write a blog when my day ended.  Day 16 was your second Doctor appointment and you are only 1 ounce away from your birth weight.  YAY!  Your mom actually had the appointment scheduled for the day before, but because she and your dad are living in a new (to them) area, she plugged in the wrong branch of the clinic into her GPS and when she realized it…she had to reschedule.  Fun times.  Apparently, you are suffering a bit from being gassy and constipated (I won’t mention any names, but one of my children had the same problem… I feel for your mother).

As a treat, your mom brought you to the church again (Baby Wednesday this time) and you were passed around like a … wait, this is a mixed audience, you were passed around to a bunch of people who wanted to snuggle you.  I was concerned that two of my “ladies” here (no names will be mentioned) were about to throw down over being allowed to hold you.  I can’t blame them, they had to wait a WHOLE SIXTEEN DAYS!!  Your cuteness is powerful.  You might want to reign that in a bit.  Cuteness Aggression is a real thing.

7132016 baby wednesday

Things to note: your eyes are a little brighter… it is genetically impossible for you to have brown eyes but we are still waiting to see what the final color will be.  Your hair is still soft as ever, and though it is a brownish color now, it is a crap shoot as to the final color considering that I had jet black hair as an infant and your mother had red hair as an infant. It really doesn’t matter; if you are anything like your mother you will play with the entire color spectrum and make it whatever color fits your fancy.

Your parents have asked us to keep you overnight this coming Friday!  Can’t wait!!!  It will be interesting to see if they can both actually suffer through that many hours without you.  We shall see.

Love, GrandDawn

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