GrandDawn’s log; Day 9:

Dear Nathalie,

Yesterday was day 9.  You’re still cute.  The decision has been made to keep you.


When I came to collect you and your mother, I was allowed to feed you again while your mom got ready for the day. You kept 99% of what I fed you down!  I burped you like a CHAMPION!  Later on, your mother made me feel like a baby genius when she asked how I did it…it is the EXACT same way I burped her as a baby.

I even got to dress you this day!  When I was done, you looked at me as if you had evil plans forming in your head:


Yesterday was your first official visit to the home of “The Grands” (this is how I envision you referring to your grandfather and me one day) outside of the womb.  It was a mellow sort of visit. You slept through most of it. The Kitties Three immediately came to check you out in your throne, (which is how we shall refer to any object in which you are seated) without committing to any sort of interest; never touching you, just sniffing.  Once fully sniffed, the trio spent the rest of the time circling around you and the room like furry, footed…sharks.  It was awesome.  It was as if they KNEW that there was something interesting and special present and yet they showed an appropriate level of fear. You are now a deity.


Enjoy your elevated status.

Love, GrandDawn


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