GrandDawn’s log; Day 8:

Dear Nathalie,

Today is the day you were SUPPOSED to enter the world… so much for that.  I did however, make my first grandparent goal: I finished crocheting your blanket by your due date.  YAY me!!

Apparently, last night your mom and dad bid farewell to your umbilical cord… word on the street was that it was hanging by a thread and your dad did his fatherly duty and removed the dreadful beast from your adorable little belly.  I wonder if they kept it… no judgment, I hear there are people who do that.  I might have an issue if there was evidence of your first poo though… I really don’t want to know.

Some people might wonder why I am doing this log; I’m really not that funny or interesting.  The truth is that when I think back on the lives of my daughters, my biggest regret is not having recorded more moments…even the mundane things.  For instance, today was the first time I fed you…and the first time you threw it all back up on me.  In my defense, these new fangled Dr. Brown’s bottles were not around when I had babies and I trusted in its ability to prevent gas and whatnot a bit too much and ignored my natural instinct to burp you more often and well… when I DID burp you, it was a bit MORE than burp.  Your mom, she just watched and let me do it…knowing you were gonna throw up on me.  She figured I needed to learn the hard way I guess.  For the record, I have already changed your diaper, I did that on day 2 but neglected to record it… see, the mundane.

Today was also your first doctor visit with Dr. Sarah Bajuyo, she said you were perfect (of course) and that your mom was doing everything right.  I think moms around the world need to hear that more often. This doctor visit also means that this was the first time that I drove you anywhere…another new fangled thing is THE CAR SEATS THESE DAYS… geez, I get that they are safer but talk about making a woman feel anxious about car seat placement and securement (is that a word?) back in my day, there was a carrier with notches and the seatbelt went through them… insert carrier into car, snap the buckle tightly and BOOM done!  Now there are bases and anchors and little pillows to support each side of your head. Gone are the days when you see a newborn in a carrier with its head cocked to the side like a confused puppy.  Oh, and car seats have EXPIRATION DATES now… I wonder if they start smelling bad after the expiration date to signify their time of use has passed and must be replaced.  I wonder if they are RECYCLABLE!!! I imagine that when you have children there will be a sphere you place inside the car that is made of some unbreakable material and will be held magically in place with specially charged magnets so that the sphere never even touches the car interior… your children will float inside the vehicle and if there is an impact of any sort, the sphere will fill with a special (breathable) foam for extra protection – oh and it would likely have a parachute deploy in the event that the sphere is ejected from the car.  There will also be a black box and a homing beacon. (Perhaps I should copyright or patent this idea).

Finally, today was the first day you participated in what is known by some as “Baby Tuesday” at Granger Community Church.  I snapped a few photos with you and some of my friends… and texted them to those who were not there to make them sad and jealous.

Hopefully you will look back on this day… and remember NOTHING because that would be freaking weird.

Tomorrow we will have another adventure… You might actually meet Ripper and Cally and Ash.  Don’t worry, mommy and I will protect you… I envision all of the cats fleeing from sight the moment they realize that you totally trump them in the laws of family hierarchy. I also envision DAYS of kitty sulking to follow, but that is okay because you are totally worth it.

Love, GrandDawn

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