Looks like I’m "IT"

I have quiety lived in the blogosphere for almost a year and have never been “Tagged” until my pal Julie, who just entered the blogging realm, ruined my streak. So, I will happily play along, until of course the last question – which you will understand when you get there. Now aside from the fact that my husband and children are always the TOP THREE people who I love, and make me laugh, and am afraid of losing here is my “Three Things” list:

Three things that scare me.
1. Getting old and becoming an invalid
2. My children (so, many possibilities and only one me)
3. Small Talk

Three people who make me laugh.
1. Until recently, my friend Tim (r.i.p Chief)
2. Theresa Hoeft
3. Jack Magruder

Three things I love.
1. Eyeballs
2. Fuzzy slippers
3. Books

Three things I hate.
1. Spiders (insects in general)
2. Not being able to help a child who is in pain
3. Getting my socks wet

Three things I don’t understand
1. Aerodynamics
2. Physics

Three things I love in a girl/boy.
1. An odd sense of humor
2. Ability to share of themselves without be prodded
3. Confidence without conceit

Three ways to best describe my personality.
1. An introvert living in an extroverts body
2. Helpful
3. Curious
(Dave says: Bright, Bubbly and Goofy)

Three things I can’t do.
1. Play a sport without getting injured
2. Touch my nose w/ my tongue OR curl my tongue
3. Small Talk

Three favorite movies.
1. Gone With the Wind
2. The Wedding Date
3. Legends of the Fall

Three goals for the future.
1. Own my own all inclusive wedding venue
2. Be at my goal weight by the age of 40
3. Do the announcements at New Community (speak in public)

Three of my dumbest moments.
1. The first time I went ice skating: Picture my whole family, all of us first timers on the ice. We were on the ice maybe 30 minutes and I think I am doing great so I am skating alone trying to go around the turn and instead of turning I start SPINNING and fall. While mid-fall I thought that I should do my best not to hit my head and angled it away from the ice. Unfortunately when I hit, I went down on my side and the angle of my head caused my neck to snap and slam the left side of my face directly into the ice. I did not go unconcious but I remember the world turning gray and when I refocused I could see my husband crawling across the ice with a look of panic on his face. The stupid part of this is that I had Dave and a rink guard sliding me off the ice, and then tried to act fine and let the family continue to skate while I took a break inside. It wasn’t long before I realized I should be seen at the ER. All turned out okay, however, I had just begun a new job and NO ONE there was brave enough to ask how I got the bruises all over my face.

2. Throwing away a scholarship to Notre Dame

3. Encouraging a boyfriend to take one of my friend’s to her high school senior prom. Do I really need to tell you how THAT turned out? However, she and I are again great friends, as are he and I – AND I even helped his wife (who is also now a great friend) plan their wedding!

Three people I’m tagging…

No one. It stops here! Aside from that, everyone else I know that has a blog has already been tagged!

With all of that said, this was kind of fun. Thanks Julie for including me, it made me think and reflect on some pretty interesting moments.

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