Two Big Moments for Me

#1 I created a pie yesterday. I did not just MAKE a pie, which would mean that I used someone elses recipe. I CREATED a pie, from my own brain…no recipes…raw ingredients (well, storebought graham craker crust but the complete idea is MINE!). I even had enough sense to write down everything I used so that I could recreate it. AND my husband thought it was good and Breanna likes it even better than my pineapple cake (which is not MY creation but something that I can bake well)…and that says alot because she LOVES my pineapple cake.

#2 I finally have a subscribe option on my blog. Look over there <—– that little orange thingy at the top left side of the page. Apparently if you click on it, you can have an email sent to you every time I post something new instead of checking randomly hoping I have shared some of my vast wealth of insight and wisdom. So, I dedicate my Feedblitz subscribe button to my pal Kathy Guy…she was the one who noticed that this element was missing from my blog.

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