Not quite up to snuff

Today I find myself less than pleased.

With myself.

I have certain standards to live by. I don’t have a written list, but I keep it in my head. I have really let myself get away with alot lately but I will only share a couple of them with you today.

So, pray for me. I am struggling with this and it is bothering me.

Avoid Laziness. It has always been a battle for me. If given the opportunity to not have to do something I have been tempted by this. I spent yesterday afternoon doing NOTHING. I went home. Set my stuff down, and flopped on my bed and watched bits of Dr. Phil and Oprah in between cat naps. I did not do any housework, I did not play with Paige, I did not even budge when Dave came home. I did not cook dinner. I DID NOTHING! Now I have twice as much housework to do and I missed some quality time with my daughter and just as bad…my husband.

Take Care of Yourself. This is another tough one for me…possibly because of the previous one. However, I have always at least tried. I find that lately…I am not even trying. I am not trying to lose the extra weight that I have always had trouble with. I am not watching what I eat AT ALL. Not even walking regularly to combat the unhealthy foods I have been eating. I need to take care of myself so that I can make that goal of living to be 120! Not to mention I have to take care of ME if I want to be able to take care of and be there for my friends and family.

So, since I put that out there…I suddenly feel like the world is going to watch what I am eating and doing…maybe that’s a good thing.

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