Not a trip to Italy, or a Jeep Wrangler..

But it was great. My friends from work took me to lunch for my birthday. I am not sure but I think the highlight was when Laura W. sang Happy Birthday to me…in the style of Marilyn Monroe to President JFK. She also had great fun harassing our waiter…but since he said it would take 15 minutes for him to separate the check…he deserved it.

Lots of fun conversation. A learning moment when we were discussing why I don’t like rap music, a song by Nazareth came up as well as one by the J. Geils Band (Mark W. compared “Centerfold” to “I’m in love with a stripper”) not to mention the song “Night Moves” by Bob Seger. Hmmm, yep I am hypocrite. Okay, so I guess I like my sexual inuendo and bad grammar tied up in a package with screaming guitars and less bass.

Then there was the fun coincidence that I was telling Guinn that I aspire to scrapbook and sure enough the team had pitched in and purchased a scrapbooking kit for me with a weddings theme to use as my portfolio for the weddings that I do. How very perceptive my friends are. However, there was the jar of green olives attached to the birthday card…not a big fan, but I understood totally since the card was from “olive us” so kudos to the creative genius behind that one. (Shelley of course)

Then there was the moment when we all realized that Kathy G. knows WAY too much information about the phone services. I love riding with Kathy to these things, she has such great stories to tell…especially about her kids. It is sort of like having a crystal ball to look at what I have coming a few years down the road. I anxiously await the day that one of my children call me from a few hundred or more miles away because they can’t find their car keys. Oh and Jeff Guy… thank you.

Theresa reminded us all of exactly how interesting people truly are. Especially the ones that she seems to attract/encounter. Apparantly someone attempted to drive the caffeine demons out of a laptop by laying hands on it. (short version…she spilled a cup of tea on her laptop and someone tried laying hands on it to fix it…see Theresa for the full story – it is much more fun coming from her) However, a truly amazing moment was that once she was able to tell the Dell support people what happened they had a DHL guy with a box at her door within the next hour and the next day the laptop was returned repaired! WOW! Amazing story right there. Snaps to Dell or the DHL guy…not sure who to give props to.

We really missed our friends Julie, Susan and (the mother of my child) Sherry but all in all…it was a great and fun lunch…and the food was okay too.

Then as I was driving home I realized that I had forgotten to open my card from Ed V….I can not express exactly how sweet it is so: (I hope you can read it)

Thanks everyone for thinking of me, and for celebrating with me. (Next year…I vote we ALL go to Italy for the Italian cuisine so that we can truly compare Papa Vinos to that which is authentic.)

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