What do I want/want to do for my birthday?

I turned 35 a few days ago. In the grand scheme of things…not a big deal, but I do give thanks to God for giving me this long and pray that he will give me at least that many more years…actually I am trying to go for a grand total of 120. However, to other people it apparently is a big deal and I would like to say a few words about that.

When asked what I or my spouse do for each others birthdays and my answer is, “We really don’t make a big deal about it” people get this perplexed look on their faces. Something akin to a dog that is confused…you know the one, ears perked up and head cocked to one side.

So let me clarify a couple of things:

#1 When I DO things, I have yet to figure out how to DO them in a small way. I OVER DO even the simplest party. Heck, I created a specialty drink for Paige’s tenth birthday and created my own chair covers so that they would match the table decorations.

#2 When it comes to Dave’s birthday – it is barely 2 weeks after Christmas…which means crappy weather and we are usually strapped for cash (so refer to #1) and tired. I love him to pieces and if I am going to “do something” for Dave it is going to have to be a grand affair that TRULY represents that. That is not to say that we don’t do the little things, like saying “Happy Birthday” or letting that person decide what to have for dinner or whatever. We try to make the best out of what we can.

#3 My birthday is on a National Holiday. Once I realized that my parents were fibbing (darn history lessons) when they told me the fireworks were for me…nothing ever really was the same. My birthday parties as a kid (few as they were) flopped because my friends always had things to do with their family on that day and it was not the same in my head if my party was not ON my birthday. To this day, even some of my best friends tend to forget it is my birthday because they have their own things going on for the holiday. Then there was the fact that my sister’s birthday was 6 days prior to mine, so quite often our birthday parties were celebrated as one. There were a couple times that it was shared 3 ways because my Aunt’s birthday falls in between mine and my sisters… I guess I just grew up not expecting to have a big deal be made about ME for my birthday. So, I just have a hard time getting excited about it. Quite frankly, it is my Mom and Dad who should be celebrated that day for giving me life. More so my Mom for suffering through labor and delivery! YAY MOM! So, it should rightfully be “Happy BIRTHING day!”

#4 I do not like being the center of attention (contrary to popular belief). Actually when I think about it, I don’t mind it, but I don’t want to be consulted on how to do it. I would rather people just DO something without consulting me. Don’t ask me what I want…I usually have no clue. I have more fun seeing what people think that I would like. That is what I find fun, seeing what other people think I like. When it comes to what do I want to “do”… again, I do not want to be consulted. I am so flexible that if someone says…hey we are going skinny dipping/shark diving for your birthday I would be game if I could at least have one condition of wearing a big T-shirt. I feel weird telling other people what to do for me. I find it more fun and more sincere if they just do something. I think that I appreciate the effort and planning involved just as much, if not more than the end result.

So to my family, and my friends, and my co-workers who wished me well while thinking I am weird…Thank You. Really, Thank you for caring about me enough to celebrate my birth. So, Next year, when this day rolls around here is what I want…so don’t ask…A Jeep Wrangler (I don’t know why, I have always wanted one) and/or a trip to Italy. If I can’t have that…surprise me.

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