Why I love the work of Dean Koontz…

“I’m happy.” I assured him….

“You’re at peace, son. There’s a big difference.”

“Which would be what?”

“If you’re still, and if you don’t hope too much, peace will come to you. It’s a grace. But you have to choose happiness.”

“It’s that easy, is it? Just choose?”

“Making the decision to choose isn’t always easy.”

“This sounds like you’ve been thinking too much.”

“We sometimes take refuge in misery, a strange kind of comfort. But no matter what happens in life, happiness is there for us, waiting to be embraced.”

“Sir, did this come to you after three bottles of Negra Modelo, or was it four?”

“It must have been three. I never drink as many as four.

-Dean Koontz, Forever Odd
(a conversation between Odd Thomas and
Chief Wyatt Porter)

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