Frustration of the day…

The South Bend Tribune reported today about two totally different topics and the combination made me CRAZY. I know that I have been frustrated by it before but never had it so CLEARLY frustrated me than the way it was presented to me today.

#1 NASA craft successfully enters Mars’ orbit. It’s expected to gather more data than all previous missions combined. In the fall, the orbiter will begin exploring the Martian atmosphere, scan the surface for evidence of ancient water and scout for future landing sites to send robotic and possibly human explorers. The $720 million mission is managed by JPL in Pasadena. Click here for the whole story

#2 (I can’t find the story but I know it was there) There was once again a story about the South Bend Community School Corporation needing to cut money from their programs. It was the Head Start program but still an educational program cut…$52 million. (wonder if we could borrow some funds from NASA)

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