Sex is a POWERFUL message

SEX. Amazing how three little letters can provoke so much…STUFF

So, who would have thought that a church in Granger, Indiana would have received so much press? Our little promotion has stirred up quite a buzz.

The Local Fox News had this

WNDU South Bend had this

WSBT South Bend had this

There was more local news, the local radio station B100 was begging for someone from the church to call in during their morning radio show. What surprises me the most is that on Sunday a national cable program “FOX & Friends” and then again today, Fox News channel’s Dayside program picked it up.

So, the church shows pictures of feet dangling off the end of a bed and it ends up all over the news – maybe we should have worked our way into it a little by showing a little toe this year, next year a painted toenail…

The word has spread…we are so excited…I think Mark Beeson mentioned that we should set up extra chairs.

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