Getting over myself

Well, I found the answer to my last post. From who? From the same man who (without knowing) practically took my hand and walked me up to Jesus and introduced me to him. Mark Beeson, the Senior Pastor at Granger Community Church has a way of explaining things – for me anyway – that brings everything into FOCUS. I see things all the time but quite often they are fuzzy, and he has the ability to fine tune my vision to see things better.

Today at SWAT, which is our staff meeting, he spoke to us about investing and inviting. He shared stories with us about people he had invested seven to ten years into building relationships and offering invitations before they would come to the church. Mark has a gift, a bent – if you will, to fire people up and make them want to join him. If Mark, with his gifts, has found people resistant and still persists with his invitations…..Who am I to quit after one failure?

Thank you Mark.

I love my friend.

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