I shared this in an email to my fellow staff members today and thought it was worth sharing with the rest of my friends:

A very important reminder:  if you have not done so already, VOTE tomorrow November 6th!

If you live in Indiana you can find your location here:  Indiana Voter Information

If you live in Michigan you can find your location here:  Michigan Voter Information

I had the opportunity to go downtown on Sunday and vote early.  It made me happy to see how many people were there!  We were in line for 90 minutes!  The officer in charge of that line must have some experience in the art of puzzles or mazes, it was quite a thing to behold.

If you are curious about voting rights around the world, this article from 2016 shares some interesting graphs and maps.  I even learned that there are 33 countries where citizens are legally required to vote! “…in Belgium, not voting could make it harder to get a job in the public sector, and you might lose your right to vote altogether if you don’t do vote in four consecutive elections.” Think about that through the lens of freedom.

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