Nawnie’s Log: Year 2.25 (REVISED)

Dear Nathalie,

As you can see, now that you have turned two years old, I have changed to a quarterly review.  I am now beginning to wonder about the wisdom of that because I am trying to think back on the past three months and consider what is new.


EDIT:  After posting I found the following blog draft stored away:

On July 2nd, Mummy brought you to me while she went to work.  You were very tired.  Mummy had been on vacation the previous week, and you had been accustomed to the sleeping-in schedule.  This is the beginning of your awareness to MONDAYS ARE AWFUL. While you suffered through waking up, I got you dressed for the day and made your curls bouncy, and tried to feed you breakfast…you wanted none of that.  You had found CHEEZ-ITS in your bag, and you wanted them.  However, you do not have the power to open the package, and when I kept putting them away, you kept scowling at me.  I offered you a banana.  You did not want it. So I put it in your bag for later.  THEN you wanted it.  You took ONE WHOLE BITE and then dropped it on the floor.  [sigh]  The reason I had you this day was that it was time for your regular well-child visit.  You loved the fish aquarium in the doctor’s waiting room.  You were fine standing on the standard scale but OH MY LAWD you did not want to stand against a wall and have some wild contraption come down to the top of your head to measure your height.  You would think the scream you let loose was because you’d received an injection, but NOPE…just getting measured.  Thankfully, no shots were needed.  Dr. Bajuyo says that potty training can begin anytime now.  That typically by 2 1/2 girls are potty trained.  (If I recall correctly your mom and Aunt Pixie were closer to 3…I was apparently a HORRIBLE mother) You are still in the 25th percentile for height and weight and all around average.  Dr. Bajuyo says that if you stay on this progression you should grow to be about 5’5″ tall.  Which is taller than Mummy and taller than me!  I would bet money that you are not gonna get to that height…but I’m just your regular human without a degree.

Before leaving for the doctor, you took advantage of Whimsy being in her post-surgery Suitical; I say “advantage” because she thinks she can hardly move.  You covered her up with a blanket and told her “Iyuvoo” (which is “I love you” when you have a bink in your mouth) and said “bink” while trying to give her your bink.  It was quite adorable.  However, you were somewhat confused at why I kept taking her away from you when you would try to grab her around her belly to hug her.  The patience that cat exhibits with you is saintly…for a cat.

We have taken you to church several times.  Mummy was a bit concerned about leaving you alone with the kid’s ministry peeps, but after about ten minutes or so, she realized you were fine.  Matter of fact, you did not care that we left and were somewhat indifferent to our return.  However, the last couple times with you were a little challenging.  On one occasion, you did not want us to leave you. I think part of that was we interrupted your nap and the other part was that you just LOVE US SO MUCH.  Then, the last time I came to get you for church, you were still napping, and you did not want to wake up, and you were just not happy about being in the car…because I did not want you to dislike church, I took you home.  The moment we returned to your neighborhood you became happy again.

When we first began bringing you to church, there were many movie style cardboard cutouts placed around the building.  You tried to share your beverage with a fake T-Rex. It was adorable.  Oh, and you love visiting the fishies…it is how we get you to realize where we are going.  Somewhere along the way, you acquired a toy fishing pole and brought it with you once, and in the back of the Envoy you were playing with it saying “Here fishy, where are you?”



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You really are using your words more.

You really do like us.  I know that on separate occasions Papa and I have each come to visit and when we were going to leave you ran to the door and pressed your body up against it and said “NO!”

You definitely show empathy, when you have mini fits and throw things, and it happens to land on one of us, and we react with a simulated pain response, you come over to comfort us and apologize.

You are now tall enough to turn on/off light switches and open all of the doors.  I pity your parents when you can reach the countertops.

UGH… I cannot recall enough of these past few months.  I FAILED!!  Woe is me.

I do have photos!  This one shows you are positively related to me – you are wearing a unicorn hoodie and brushing your teeth!


These are just you being adorable



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These are from you participating in Pokemon Go Community Day.  It was appropriate that you were there because it was the special Chikorita event and that is what I have been known to call you.



This little video shows how you know how to get what you want.  Papa had told you NO, you cannot climb the cat tree, so you walked over to him backed into his lap and you just KNEW he would pick you up to where you wanted to be to torture entertain Whimsy.




This next video is longer…your Aunt Pixie will love watching it.  I had taken you to the playground, and after watching you climb this thing a million times, I decided to videotape it…and then…DUN DUN DUN…I failed again.  Your mommy arrived, and you spotted her and I…well wasn’t on it.  I should not have been filming.  Although, I don’t know if I could have stopped it without telling you not to climb it.  Anyway, you fell, you cried, Mummy scooped you up, and you were ANGRY…nothing would console you (I did not get this part on video), but you just had to go and climb it again!  Also, those little pants were ruined from the playground dirt…I’m not sure Mummy will ever forgive me.

EDIT:  my original posting of this had the WRONG playground video, following is the actual video with the traumatic moment.



THIS final video is me being a good and attentive grandparent…I think.



You are our little bundle of crazy joy and love and attitude all mixed into one.  You are at your cutest when you want to snuggle…which is not often because you typically want to GO.  So, here is you being STILL again. (okay… you were sleeping…whatever)


I am going to try to be better at this quarterly thing and perhaps have more, if not as many, stories as photos.

We love you little Chikorita.

Stop growing, please.

Love, Nawnie.

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