Captain’s log – week 9:

I have realized that for this (chronicling of the Binky and the Bonzo) to work, I am going to need some recording equipment.  These two fire off a conversation at mach speed!  I can hardly keep up!

I also realized that the girls are starting to settle in to the routine of high school.  This past week there were actually moments of silence in the car.  However my favorite part of the week was from Tuesday (October 26th), here are my notes from that day:

The B&B were fighting over me today.  First Binky disowned me (I cannot recall why) and then Bonzo claimed ownership of me and then they “fought” over owning me.  Someone was actually laying fingers on me as representation of ownership.  I think it was Bonzo.  I was feeling the love!  At one point Binky said “What!?! You wanna take this outside? Tuck and roll!  Tuck and roll!

note to reader: we were in a moving vehicle

at one point, the laughter became a threat to urinary continence – good thing we were close to the school!

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