Running Update…

Well dear readers, bad news… I am not running.  But wait, it is not because I lack the willpower or ambition.  It is because I am an idiot!

You see, I know that I have joint issues but I attempted to defy all of my impairments.  So, during my second week of jogging when I increased my jogging sprints from 60 to 90 seconds – my knees were less than pleased.  I did decide on week three to take it back to 60 seconds but the damage was done and so I gave myself 2 weeks to heal before I took it up with my doctor and now…well, simply walking or even sitting with my knees attached to my body causes sporadic pain.  So, I quit.  Yep, I am a quitter.  
That being said, I discussed it briefly with my orthopedic surgeon who basically looked at me and said “Some of us just can’t jog.”    That is his professional advice.  So, because I still want to do something I am pondering an elliptical.  
My budget is very limited right now.  I have exactly $0 to spend on one.  If anyone is giving away an elliptical… will it fit in my minivan?

2 thoughts on “Running Update…

  1. You are not a quitter! You may be surprised how many people are now moving beyond their New Year Resolutions and will be happy to get their eliptical machine – the reminder of their failure removed from their site!I hope it works for you – if not, there’s other ‘low impact’ on the knee options…I hope you feel better soon!


  2. I am so sorry about your discomfort. Would starting out with a steady walk pattern done ethe same thing? I know, hindsite. What is an eliptical? You can always ask for one on


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