Winter gift

We complain and grumble and drag ourselves into the chaos of winter.
Temperatures 15 degrees below zero
…and then there is the windchill factor but don’t go there.
Streets so cold and frozen that the salt won’t melt the ice and
double trailer semi trucks cant move forward once they come to a stop.
Cars wont start because the cold drains the batteries.
A wall of snow so high that you can’t see the buildings on the other side.
Layers of clothes that threaten to suffocate you
but are necessary to stay warm and even for some…to live.

Eventually the sun will come out.

When you stop and look around at the white wondrous landscape, when you look at it and realize that a snowflake is faceted in such a way that is sparkles as much as the most brilliant diamond, you realize that it too is a gift from God.

He is quite the artist. Like every great masterpiece, you don’t notice it’s brilliance until you take a moment to take it in.

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