What am I thinking!

A running plan! Am I insane! I am SOOOOO not a runner.

Last year during what I call “marathon season” I was envious and impressed by all of the people I knew that ran or walked or participated in a marathon. One of them even videotaped it!

I believe her video inspired me even. So I Googled a plan. From Couch Potato to 5k. Told someone that “Next year I want to run a 5k!” and ……carried the plan around for weeks in my tote. Woo Hoo! Way to go! Yay ME!

So over the weekend, I cleaned off my treadmill. (I have 5 bankers boxes stacked to prove it!) and proceeded to admire my handiwork. Can I clean off a treadmill or WHAT! YEE HA!

Monday, I worked 12 hours…I forgive me.

Today. I came home. Did the Snoopy Dance of Joy because my Netflix video came in and went in my room fully prepared to veg. But THEN…it came over me. The THOUGHTS.

The treadmill is clean.

No one is home.
Its only 3:30
Your comfy clothes are clean.

You OWN tennis shoes.
Wear the socks you wore yesterday…you’re just gonna sweat in ’em anyway.

You know the plan
Well, you know you can Google the plan
Just Do It

So I did it. I DID IT! Workout #1 for a 5k running plan. I DID IT! YAY ME

My legs feel like what I imagine it would be like if I were walking around as a Jell-O cup (sans the plastic cup) rather than a human being. Thank you God for structure!

Seriously. WHAT am I thinking. Can I REALLY do this? Is this simply ONE MORE exercise plan that I will start and not finish because it is for me and not benefiting everyone or ANYONE else?

I feel great! My lungs are on fire, I am shaking all over, and I am wobbly as all get out, but I did it. I feel good about having done it. It was only 20 minutes…well 22 because I insisted on not stopping on a partial mile, but still. A blurp in time. No big.

Please God let me continue this. (As if YOU wouldn’t let me do THIS.) Okay, better prayer…God please help me allow myself to keep doing this. Help me stay out of my way.

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