A Milestone for Paige

To help explain, I am going to share with you from Dan Vukmirovich’s blog this excerpt:

“This weekend we will be asking people to cross the line of faith by walking through a doorway we have set up onstage. Pastor Mark Beeson, has evangelism flowing through his blood. It’s at the heart of GCC. He talks about a farming approach to evangelism where we plant seed, water, fertilize, and patiently wait for people to be ready and then we harvest. Rather than asking people to make a decision for Christ every week, we do it only 1-2 times per year. Part of his rationale in this is that most thinking people don’t make life changing decisions in 20 minutes. I agree.”

Paige walked through that doorway this weekend. I was happy and weepy and well, I was a mom. She asked me to walk up with her but when it came to going up on the stage, and crossing through the doorway…she chose to go without me, I waited at the bottom of the stairs…her decision…her walk…her journey.

She has already chosen her next step…Baptism. On September 9th she is going to be baptised, (this date is also mine and Dave’s wedding anniversary!) and when we registered her for the event there were questions for her to answer and I am going to share them with you:

What was your life like before you met Christ?:
Um, wow…I don’t know

How did you realize you needed Christ?:
By coming to church

How did you commit your life to Christ?:
Walking through the door

What difference has God made in your life since you’ve begun this relationship with Him?:
made me believe in something that I can not see but I still know is there

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