To be or not to be…

An Oasis Leader…

What are the odds of 5 girls wearing the same shoes on the same night without prior notice?

I really don’t have the answer. The above feet are Brittany, Jamie, Taylor, Emily, and Melissa. These are the 5 girls that I had the honor to lead last night at Granger Community Church’s middle school ministry, better known as OASIS.

I decided to kick the tires on this serving opportunity. I don’t know if it is where I am meant to serve, but because Paige has asked me to (she gets to attend this year) I am giving it a try.

My first impression…to be honest…indifferent. That is how I tend to be when I try new things the first time around. I enjoyed the group time with these girls, however because it was my first time I would have rather spent more time getting to know the girls. The agenda was already set and Oasis is wrapping up the school year and I was filling in for their regular leader…so I just stuck to the plan.

During the teaching time with Judy Gregory, I found myself watching how the kids were reacting to her more than I was paying attention to what she was saying. I believe I caught the central theme of it though. Raise the bar. How can you make the biggest impact with the resources you have at hand? Go the extra mile.

I guess I can look at it this way: Nothing that happened last night scared me out of coming back.

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