VT revisited.

I keep thinking about my last post. I hate my “knee jerk” reaction to some things. That post was one of them. The more I look at it the more I think…okay all of it still stands except the part about:

“What has to happen before people start taking active roles to prevent this type of tragedy?”

Now that I have gotten past it a little, I realize that human beings are human beings. We do what we can when we can. Many of us just do not realize what we CAN do.

Then there was:

“There needs to be a way for someone or a group to be prepared to figure out who these people are. There should be a person or group that staff and students could go to who would be willing to REALLY look into the warning signs exhibited and offer support to these people before they take things into their own hands and find a way to lash out at others and/or themselves.”

I can not reinvent the wheel, nor should I expect anyone else to. I do want to state, that I do NOT think it is the fault of the college that this happened and I fear that is what some may have felt that I was suggesting (though no one has said anything…this is just me reviewing my post and going ‘Ugh! How did people perceive that?’).

This is a good lesson for me I think:

Before posting about a hot, emotional, event and giving my opinion…not only do I need to give myself time to look at intentionally…I need to give myself time to react to it emotionally, let the emotions simmer down, and THEN post.


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