The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I had to wait a day to get over it all. Yesterday…started out with the Bad and the Ugly but ended with the Good.

For those of you not reading from the Michiana area…yesterday was quite frankly…

….schmitty weather.

I went out at 6:45 am to warm up the truck and it was cold, and the weekends vomitous (is that even a word?) of snow was on the ground, but that was it. Fifteen minutes later I gather Paige and go out to take her to the bus and it was………..ridiculous. Wind whipping, snow stinging, can’t see past my arm snowfall, and freezing. I lock Paige in the truck (nice and almost warm) and run and yell at Breanna to get her butt in gear we are leaving NOW. It took me almost an hour and a half to make what normally is a 30 minute journey if I hit all the lights red. Somewhere in the half dozen times that I had to get out of my truck to clean the ice off my wipers, I lost my cell phone. Luckily, after I came back to pick Paige up from school, I found it. Frozen under the snow in the parking lot….broken in half. (but the SIM card is still good)

That was the BAD.

Originally when I had left my house, I had my hair looking pretty cute. For those of you familiar with my naturally curly tresses…after braving the elements, that was the UGLY.

When I came home, I was dreading the fact that Dave would have to spend hours shoveling our drive and sidewalks. As I pulled up to my house, I had to take a moment to pull my chin out of my lap so that I could turn into my driveway. My COMPLETELY PLOWED driveway. Someone had plowed our drive and our front walk. I have NO CLUE who it was. I got out of my truck and just stood there turning in circles waiting for someone to come out and claim their good deed. No one appeared. So, thank you whoever you are… that was the GOOD of what could have been just a Bad and Ugly day.

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