My "Who" list

Mark Waltz, Pastor of Connections, and all around fun guy posted this “challenge” on his blog recently:

” Look at your own life. Who has God brought across your path? Who has encouraged you? Who has spoken into your life? Who has exposed truth? Who has helped you experience God’s grace, excellence, wonder or love?
Spiritual growth is life growth. Life growth is relational.
Pay attention – God’s trying to help you grow! “

So,, it goes:

David, my loving husband. He encourages me to do the things I enjoy doing but is never afraid to let me know when I spend too much time helping others. He also is very understanding of the fact that felt needs are voiced in seasons and that sometimes I have to SPRINT before I can rest. Loving me beyond reason and offering to hold my light while I read and walk on the treadmill…and all things similar to that.

Breanna, my eldest gene recipient. Her ability to bounce seems unending. Her solid grip on her own personal values is admirable. Her bravery to cut off all of her hair and dye it bright red…courageous beyond words. Her smile and laughter…a beacon.

Paige, my youngest gene recipient. Her ability to empathize at her age is quite remarkable. Her love for all things small unending. Her need and ability to nurture…almost abnormal but absolutely adorable. Her shameless displays of affection to those she loves…very appreciated.

My Parents. Mom – staying on track and keeping her goals in mind while trying to take care of so many others at work and at home…admirable. Dad – living every day with pain that is beyond my comprehension. Surviving when most would not…Superman. Both – Always loving and supporting me…thank you.

The loss of my friend Tim Kovas, whose unexpected death brought me face first into realizing how strong my faith really is.

Kathy Guy for wow, everything that Mark said: Encouraging me, speaking into my life, exposing truth, sharing life and feelings with me and teaching me God’s grace, excellence, wonder, and love.

The rest of the Connections Team: Mark Waltz, Julie Smies, Theresa Hoeft, Shelley (DM) Arredondo, Susan Chipman, Guinn Shapiola, Ed Villalba, and Sherry Nadai. I group all of you together simply because I want to keep this light. Each of you has challenged me, shown me friendship, made me laugh and/or cry, encouraged me and supported me in some way shape or form. That is what teams are for and how friends are made. I feel honored to be among you all.

Amanda Sill, self proclaimed “slave”. I prefer to call her a dedicated servant of God. A sense of humor that I enjoy, a beautiful smile and an ability to withstand my weirdness. A girl with a bright future ahead of her…and a spoiled brat all at the same time. NOW THAT is fun to be around. I want to be her when I grow up…

Mark Beeson…I feel like I say this all the time…for taking my hand and introducing me to Jesus.

All of the people who call GCC each day in need of counseling or resources of any sort. Allof the people who call GCC each day seeking a way to help those in need. Allowing me to see all of the puzzle pieces and letting me see how sometimes if a piece does not fit, where I thought it would …there is probably a place on the other side of the puzzle where it will.

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