A Floppy Morning

So, I was going to take a break from blogging for the holidays but had to share this.

I dropped Paige at school today and there was this little dog running all over the parking lot. It was actually running alongside a pick up truck as it was trying to park. Paige said it had been at the school yesterday as well. As I got out to help Paige with her things I noticed that it would run up to every open car door trying to get in. So after I got Paige into her school I tried calling the dog over to see if I could read it’s tags…it had many. It would not come to me. So I go to my truck and open the door and it hopped in! Not really a surprise when you note it’s previous behavior. A gentleman came out of the school whistling for the dog…appparently he saw the chaos it was creating and so I told him it hopped in my truck and that I’d take it to the shelter. Well, both shelters were closed on the way to work.This dog was too funny and a cute little thing. The whole drive to Breanna’s school it rode on her lap with it’s face pressed to the windshield as if it wanted to see where we were going. I dropped Breanna off and the dog remained in her seat and was very vigil during our drive.

When I pulled into the parking lot at church, it got all excited. As soon as I opened the door it darted out and ran around a bit….UGH! It would not come to me. I don’t know it’s name. I noticed that it kept heading for the doors so I jiggled my keys and it followed me to the door and walked right in when I unlocked it. I called the vet on the tags who gave me the owners information and the dogs name. She is called Floppy. They did not answer, so I left a message with my cell # and told them she would be at the Humane Society. I called the Humane Society to send someone out and began making signs to put on the closed doors to the common areas of the church offices to let them know that Floppy was here and to knock so that I could grab hold of her because as soon as I started using her name, she began barking at people who came in through this entrance. Apparently having formal knowledge of who she is granted me protection rights in doggy code. So, I tell you all of that to tell you this….

As I am writing the signs, one of the doors opens and Floppy starts going nuts barking. At who? You might ask. Well Mark Beeson and his son Aaron of course! Who else? I am just trying to help a creature out and what does she do – tries to make me look bad in front of the man who founded and leads Granger Community Church. Way to go Floppy! Thanks for protecting me. I apologized profusely…I truly am sorry.

(side note, Floppy’s owner called before the Humane Society got here so I called them off and she came to pick her up…”and they all lived happily ever after” )

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