‘Twas 2 weeks (or less) before Christmas

…and all through the house, all the creatures are stirring and even the new mouse. The stockings aren’t hung, the chimney is bare, poor Saint Nicholas wont understand when he gets here.

Basically, this Christmas season I decided that, I am not going to stress about Christmas shopping, and wrapping and getting the perfect gift for each person on my list. I am having way too much fun being involved in events where I am giving my time and energy and love.

I am heading up the Adopt-A-GCC-Family program at our church and though it at times can be a very emotional and challenging program…I feel like I have front row seats to a show called “Miracle…LIVE”.

I spent nine hours with a friend and several more with my family baking cookies and creating chocolate covered fruits – as a gift for a group of friends.

Our family spent a Saturday morning helping unload a semi (one of seven) of food onto another truck and then helping deliver that food door to door to a community that needed it.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the giving…what a great gift for me.

In case I don’t have another chance to say this to each of you:

Merry Christmas!

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