Fun stuff in the life of Breanna

Breanna has some fun things in her life…these are what she shared with me recently.

#1 Breanna has a friend named Zeke. Zeke had a dream.

This is Zeke (on the right):

Zeke had a very important dream one night. So important that Zeke woke up and made himself a note so that he would not forget his very important message. This is the important message Zeke did not want to forget:

Translation of Zeke’s very important message: “800 nipple hands are need to start a revolution”

– For the record…I like Zeke.

#2 There is an Italian foreign exchange student attending Breanna’s high school. His name is Carlo-Andrea. Everyone calls him Carlo. This is Carlo:

Ignore the flower (forgive him, he knows not what he does).

According to Breanna, Carlo does “tricks” – I however see it as Carlo just having fun.

According to Breanna this is Carlo being “cute” :

(Yes, he is speaking in Italian…the English translation is: “Dad, are you there? Can you do it? Get connected!”)

…and this is Carlo being “schmexy” (again, according to Breanna) but saying the same thing.

-For the record…I like Carlo too.

Thanks to both of these young men for amusing my daughter…and in turn…ME, which is truly what is important, humoring ME, it’s all about ME.

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