A Final Good-bye…a tribute from my heart

Timothy L. Kovas
May 12, 1958 – October 4, 2006
In loving memory

Of Tim…

I knew his eyes and they were kind
I knew his smile and it was glorious
I knew his voice, it was one of God’s deepest songs
and I will miss hearing it
I knew his strength and his embrace
and they were comforting
I knew his courage and it’s limitations
but accepted his humanity
I knew his laughter and it was a contagious roar
I knew his wounds, his scars, his tears and despair
and I was there when he asked me to comfort him
I knew his heart was for his children
and admired his unending devotion to them
I knew his passion for knowledge
and he shared it with me often
I knew his curiosities and imagination
and they fed his sense of humor
and I feel privileged to have been there
so often when they collided
I knew his weaknesses and his fears and insecurities
and loved him in spite of,
and because of them
I knew his love for his family and his friends
and it was tremendous
I knew that he knew me, the good and the bad
and still loved me
I knew his love for me and will cherish
every moment I had with him
I knew the man and he was Beautiful
and not time
not circumstance
not even death
will diminish his beauty…
that will always be with me

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