Happy New(ish) Year.

Yeah, I know, the new year started like 2 weeks ago – but c’mon, give a gal a break. It has been a crazy year already. The first week of the year rang in with a raging case of the stomach flu which started with Paige, landed me in the hospital for a day, and ended at Breanna. Dave did not get it so I am going to blame him as “the carrier”.

Week 2, back at work, making up for a lost week and lots of meetings/appointments scheduled for the week: bible studies, women’s retreat planning, ultrasound,I pawned off the magnet school open house on Dave otherwise there would not have been one day when I did not have a meeting or appointment! I take that back, Thursday was not really a meeting – we all went to New Community services at church so that does not count.

Breanna and I have just returned home from seeing the movie Fun With Dick and Jane. (I had no clue that it was a remake of a movie by the same name that was released back in 1977 starring George Segal and Jane Fonda. I may have to try to rent it just for the opportunity to see any comparisons.) Anyway, I was reading some reviews for this movie and some of them stated that it was “no fun”. So, I guess Breanna and I along with our friends the Teebo girls (name spelled wrong to protect the innocent) must be easily amused because we lauged our butts off through most of the movie. At one point I grabbed the seat in front of me and was bent over laughing! It would be a great movie for a first date… ya know, see what the other person laughs at. Also good for date night with the spousal unit or current significant other. I chose my teenage daughter to join me – we were half of a mother and daughter foursome and we all had a great time. As far as taking younger kids to see it, well the F-word was used a couple of times and there was “implied sex” twice and discussion of sex one other time. They are your kids, you decide.

Well, this officially ends my first blog for the year of 2006. Mom, are ya happy now? Luv ya!

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