I Finally Saw NARNIA: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

MOST AWESOME MOVIE! Loved that part that began with the air-raid and ended with the Professor telling Lucy that she won’t find her way back through “there” again.

Biblical comparisons – this was pretty cool for me since I call myself a scripture infant.

  • Forgiveness of sin: Aslan forgiving Edmund (I LOVED THAT PART!!!)
  • Sacrifice and resurrection: can not remark more here without giving away the movie to those who have yet to see it
  • The bible commonly interpreted differently by different people: mis-interpretation of the Ancient Word by the White Witch

Those were the real obvious ones to me, there were others but it would be too detailed for those who want to see for themselves.

Paige and I were very happy to have finished The Magicians Nephew just minutes before we headed out the door to go see this movie. It made us feel rather educated about how Narnia came to be and the story behind the story. Oh, and the Neevil – Paige was happy that we got to see the Neevil.

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