Dad’s Homecoming

Dave and I had the great honor of being the ones to escort my father home from the hospital on Friday. We also were able to witness the removal of his “retention sutures”. This was a treat for me because as most of you know, I enjoy blogging these kind of pictures. My dad seemed a bit amused or maybe annoyed that I told him it would go well with the picture of Scarlet’s leg after surgery. ( I am giddy with excitement – on Wednesday they are supposed to remove the staples from his chest…I hope they will let me take pictures!)

To bring some of you up to speed – the bypass is done by using veins harvested from otherparts of the body – in this particular case they used mainly the right leg. Isn’t it sexy?

So, he is home and doing well. He has follow up appointments with half a dozen different doctors through March of 2006 and physical therapists and home care nurses visiting 3 times a week and more prescriptions to add to his list (which he hates to take) but best of all he is still here with us and seems to have a more positive attitude than I have seen from him in a very long time. ( I LOVE YA POPS! Welcome home!)

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