Time flies when you have a blog…

I hate it when I have a favorite blog and it does not get updated for weeks, or months. I do not want to be that kind of blogger. So, here is an update on things in my world.

Pops is coming home from the hospital tomorrow! Whoo Hoo! He has been on the physical therapy floor since last Friday and they tell him he has improved so much that they are releasing him a day early. I have not been up to see him since Friday afternoon because I have come down with a horrible case of “ick” which I have to see my doctor about today. I don’t want to spread it to my Dad so I have to keep up to date over the phone. I spoke to him Tuesday evening for over two hours. It was really nice. I dont recall a time that Dad and I just talked on the phone like that. I learned some things about him that I did not know before. He seemed to be in a really good mood. I hope that being given a second chance, wait this is a fifth chance, on life that he will have a positive outlook and look at his life as the gift that it truly is. So many people love him very much. I hope he realizes that now – especially with the steady flow of visitors he has had.

Let’s see, what else is new? Really not much is going on in my world right now. Being sick does tend to keep one down and not provide much to blog about. OH, a word about being sick. I became ill on Friday evening. Felt HORRIBLE by Sunday, went to work on Monday and probably should not have but I have to get my kids to school every day so since I was up I went, could not sleep Monday evening because I was having difficulty breathing so I did not go to work on Tuesday (which I kicked myself for) so I went in on Wednesday only to be treated like a pariah. I think that I know what Frankenstein’s monster must have felt like when the villagers were after him…the only thing missing were the torches. I understand them not wanting me to spread my illness, but I was hired to do a job and I can do some of it from home but not all of it. I did start feeling worn out around 12:30 and I left early and went to try to get in to see my doctor – had to wait until today. Hopefully he will tell me that I am not contagious and that I can go in to work.

Wow, this is a REALLY boring post. Sorry.

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