Nawnie’s Log – Amehlia month 2 (Nathalie 4 years, 6 months, 17 days)

Dear Amehlia,

The photos you see here are over a week old, because I have not seen you since the 4th of January because YOUR PAPA WENT AND GOT CoViD-19! Not sure where he acquired it but he is positively positive. I however, tested negative and, in the way of the world, that means that though he will end his isolation tomorrow…I am stuck until the 28th. Yes, you read that right, the 28th. I will suffer from not seeing my Nathalie and Amehlia for the better part of a MONTH!

That being said, you are still growing…even without the benefit of the presence of your maternal grandparents. How dare you! So, today you are two months old and according to your Mommy (and the doctor’s visit today) you are 11lbs 6oz and 22.25 inches long! You hold your head up so well already it surprised the doctor. Also, you received a couple shots today and did not enjoy it, however; your mother is probably one of the few children in the history of all history that actually wanted to get and looked forward to receiving her vaccinations. Aunt Pixie on the other hand…let’s just say it was not a fun experience when she needed vaccinations.

So, I really do not have all that much to report on you. After all, this is my second grand-parenting rodeo and just like baby books, each consecutive child’s historical record tends to be less and less. But I am trying here…you on the other hand need to give me more material to work with.

Now your sister on the other hand…She is a treasure. Since her last log she has had significant growth (but still on the lower end of the percentile charts for weight and average for height) and she has been potty trained. She eats vegetables. She does NOT like kefir, but points to her for trying it. She has the MOST messed up sleep patterns and there is NOTHING – even according to the doctor – that can be done about it. She has very vivid dreams and night terrors. Oh, and she is still sticking to the story that her puppy died (she has been saying this for at least a year now) even though she has never had a puppy. Y’all have 5 cats and a snake but not a canine anywhere…ever. She has to have some dental work done at the hospital later this month under anesthesia…Aunt Pixie had to go through this when she was 3 years old, hereditary weak teeth are from me, I apologize in advance…but I have begged your mother to video tape her coming out of anesthesia because back in the day we did not have camera phones to record the most hysterical things your aunt said when waking from sedation as a 3 year old. I cannot recall the actual things she said and did as much as I can recall how much I LAUGHED and LAUGHED. Good Lord, let there be video of Nathalie.

One last thing I wanna note, and pay attention here, is the use of the I Love You sign in sign language. It is something that our family has done forever when we leave one another or sometimes even pass nearby one another. Your sister is catching on and has been trying to master the sign for some time, I think she just about has it. So, I leave you with this.


Nawnie (sorry kid, your sister named me)

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