GranDawn’s Log: Month 17

Dear Nathalie,

It seems that posting these letters a bit late has become the norm… I was fully aware last weekend that I needed to write this letter to you and publish it LAST Monday, and then I got sick. Three days off work sick. Have not seen you since last Sunday because I don’t want to infect you, sick. However; I did successfully infect Grandfather!

So, last month I promised to update all things Halloween related. Your first attempt at Trick or Treating was a “trunk or treat” shin-dig hosted by a local church in your neighborhood. You were all cute and ready as we walked over to the designated area… carrying your little bucket and my car keys…but then you saw (DUN DUN DUN) the PEOPLE!

Yeah…you had to be forced to take candy from strangers.

Beyond Halloween… a few changes have taken place around you.  Daddy got a new job!!  He gets to hang out with you on Wednesdays (YAY!), but he has to work on Saturdays (BOO).  Grandfather got a new job too!!  He actually has to work ALL of the weekdays…and misses being available to hang out with you on Fridays when Mummy and Daddy have to work.  However, rumor has it that we both get to hang out with you on Saturdays when Mummy and Daddy both have to work.  WHOO HOO!!  Not that we can’t hang out with you on days that your parents aren’t working, but this is about the new changes in the work and childcare routine.

Thanksgiving was a thing.  You went to two celebrations, one on Thanksgiving day for your Lovitt clan and one on the following Sunday for the Giles clan.  I am pretty sure based on the reports of who else has come down sick that the Lovitt clan is where I picked up THE SICKNESS.  Anyway, you are not in a place where food is a big deal to you…you barely touched food at either of these dinners.  You did not really want to play with your cousins much either.  I even made an effort to take you outside at Gramma Lois and Grampa Jack’s house to let you run around with all of your cousins, and you wanted none of it.  While outside, you insisted on being carried around by me or your cousin Jordan.  Seriously child…what the what?!?!?

Nothing of much interest happened at the Giles turkey dinner other than it will forever be remembered as the year without mashed potatoes… BUT there was LOTS of wine and card games!  There was a heated argument about whether or not men should put the toilet seat down…your Mummy defended women like a WARRIOR!  Oh, and there was a distant future plan about carrying on the middle name.  Mine is Rana, Mummy’s is Renae, and yours being Rhenae… all pronounced the same.  Don’t worry, should you have a girl child, we came up with enough spellings for the next several generations.

I sent a picture of you with Grandfather, taken at the Lovitt turkey dinner, to Aunt Pixie… she thinks you are starting to look like your Mummy again.  You do morph in and out of who you look like and right now you are entering into a looking more like Mummy phase.  It’s all good…you look adorable regardless of who your looks favor.

So, for the record, Christmas is coming.  Grandmother Cristine has already sent a present to you, and it is at my house!  You are going to LOVE IT!!! It is very wonderful.  You should send her a thank you note…I have seen that you have discovered crayons, you could scribble something for her.

The gifts from Grandfather and me will not be quite as elaborate…I have decided that your parents can spoil you with gifts…I will continue to spoil my own children, even though they are grown-ups…because grown-ups like presents too.

Oh, as far as your development goes…Ummm I have not noticed much of anything new except you have little fits where you lay on the floor – face down… nose on the floor face down…for a brief moment and then get over whatever feeling you are having.  No biggie, you are still cute.


That is it for now tiny one.  I expect that come time for my next letter – which will likely be a bit tardy as it too would be scheduled right after a holiday – that we will have lots of fun photos and stories to share.

Love you little one… keep on keepin’ on!

Love, GranDawn

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