GrandDawn’s log: Day 93

Dear Nathalie,

Yesterday you officially turned three months old!  Go YOU!

You’re at an age where I have to do math in order to title my blog posts…but you’re worth it, for now.

Now, for your quarterly review:

I thought that I was beginning to notice that you enjoy it when I play with your toes, and after checking with your mommy supervisor, it was confirmed for me today!  YAY!  I don’t know why I like the idea of playing with your toes, other than being able to play “This Little Piggy” along with all of my whimsical variations of it…it could be an illness.  When you are old enough to complain, feel free to ask me to stop.

Your babbling is at that stage where it is adorable and your spittle bubble blowing abilities are top notch!  You are pretty capable of rolling from your back to your side. Your digestion could use some improvement, what with the constant spittle after feeding… it’s an issue that you need to work on.  I had spittle in my jacket pocket from you yesterday…that was ridiculous.

You are beginning to really interact with the toys I shove in your face and you do love a good minute in front of a colorful television screen.  We have all resigned ourselves to your morbid lullaby… your father now has it downloaded.


Your face is definitely a mommy/daddy mashup.  Your eye color seems to be favoring that darker blue of your mother.  Your hair color…might actually be mine.  If so, people will call you a redhead, and a blonde, and there will be random people who say your hair is brown… like Aunt Pixie, she says my hair is brown. I admit, my locks are all three, it’s quite wonderful to not have to color it as I go gray silver white  whatever color each individual strand decides to turn into.  If you do get my hair color, you’re welcome. I will, however, apologize in advance for the unbearable warmth if you get the QUANTITY of hair… you come from a long line of thick locks, and if you have thin hair, it ain’t from my branch of the tree. If you get curly hair, I am totally saying it is from your dad unless they are perfect ringlets…we shall see.

I think that covers everything for now.  I don’t know that you will receive any kind of monetary compensation for your performance, but lots of love and ridiculous faces from and interactions with silly adults are coming your way…perhaps an increase in food variety, if you get that digestion thing handled.

Overall, good job Nathalie, thanks for joining the team.

Love, GrandDawn

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