Thyme of Grace

Just had lunch with my lovely daughter Breanna and we are on a mission to check out a different place each week.  This week we chose Thyme of Grace on Mishawaka Avenue in South Bend.

I have been longing to try this place but they are only open during the lunch hours on Monday through Friday.  If you are in the mood for an “unusual, eclectic dining experience” this is beyond worthwhile.

The menu was unique and we were greeted at the door by the chef, Michelle Lankford who then explained the day’s specials.  Breanna and I both latched onto the idea of a roasted red pepper soup (she went with a bowl, I opted for the cup) and then she went salad and I went sandwich; grilled cheese that is.  (The use of the semicolon in thie previous sentence is dedicated to my friend Lori Lohmeyer.  SAVE THE SEMICOLON!)

My cup of soup:

My “prince albert” sandwich:

Breanna’s salad (I forget which one):

She was SOOO excited when she found this little guy hiding among the beautiful garden she was about to enjoy:

We truly enjoyed this little place.  The decor is cute eclectic.  A place to hang out with your girlfriends for certain!  The food was DELISH! The price was nice.  Especially when they lived up to the GRACE in their name.  When Nichole brought our check, upon seeing my debit card she explained that they take cash, check and dishwashers.  I had no cash, nor a check, or time to wash a dish.  To which she responded that it was not a problem, to take the check and tear off the bottom portion, write down my contact information and mail it in to them.  OH. MY. WORD!  Who does that anymore?!?!   It was amazing.  Ladies – expect a big tip when you receive my check!

Oh, and if you want to check out Thyme of Grace…they are catering the Garden Party at the Potawatomi Conservatories on Friday, May 18th 6 – 9 pm.  This is a free event, make some “Thyme” to be there!

(Yes, I really did just do that. Yes, I know I am hokey)

Friends, this place receives two thumbs WAY up from Breanna and I.

Awesome food, great experience.

One thought on “Thyme of Grace

  1. When Thyme of Grace was in downtown Mishawaka, I used to go there with my friend. Sadly, we’ve only been there once since they moved to River Park. I need to go there more often. I agree with everything you said…wonderful food, great service. I also appreciate your continued support of the “Save the Semicolon” cause; it’s important.


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