Seeking pain

An email to me today contained this sentence:

“my husband has left and I am finding out more and more about lots of cheating.”

I hear this or derivatives of this on a regular basis.  We even see it on Facebook.  We invite pain into our lives by seeking unnecessary input from others or looking in places that we KNOW contain it.

What is it about human beings that causes so many of us to be our own worst enemies? What causes us to seek out things that we know will make our hearts ache?  Why do we latch on to the hurtful words and forget about all the positive ones?

When will we be able to look beyond the pain.  Acknowledge that it is there, but leave it there.  Don’t add to it by seeking it out or accepting more.

Can we try to look BEYOND the pain to what will be next?

“The person or event that originally perpetrated our trauma isn’t responsible for perpetuating it…it is your own inner voice that is keeping you in a state of permatrauma”

~Alicia Salzer, M.D.  – Back to Life: Getting Past Your Past with Resilience, Strength, and Optimism


One thought on “Seeking pain

  1. Thank you Dawn.

    I believe I am my own worst enemy alot of the time. I am looking forward to less of it. I am thankful for your words today in the post. and your smiling face yesterday and your daughters’ too. I am learning to smile again.
    I have so much to be thankful for. I am not dying. Just seems I am on a roller coaster. See you tomorrow for Christa’s party.


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