I gave up Facebook and Twitter for Lent and all I got was: Perspective

I realized that all of the “friends” I have on Facebook are not people who I mingle with daily and know very little about. We have never shared a meal, a cup of coffee, or even phone numbers and yet, I was peering into their lives in an almost voyeuristic fashion. However, the flip side of this could be Narcissism. On both sides of the coin actually.

I also wonder if people even pay attention to the “status” on my “wall” because according to my email alerts…which I neglected to cancel…a couple of people have posted something on my wall…to those people – sorry, I wont respond until Easter.

Oh, and PHOOEY ON YOU if you posted on my wall thinking I might have forgotten to cancel my email alerts and are trying to tempt me into checking. Well, let me tell you this people. I QUIT SMOKING six years ago…not checking Facebook is a CAKEWALK.
So, with this particular perspective, if I do continue my facebook membership, I may be culling the list of “friends” – I realize the crazy making of facebook was due to the fact that my home page was littered with the CONSTANT status updates of close to 200 people…some of whom update every 30 minutes…and I felt obligated to READ ALL OF THEM.
In the words of Susan Powter: “Stop the insanity!”

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